Welcome! At Mandala Pottery, besides the production functional ware, we also make our own individual range of studio ceramics. Of late we have realized that there is just too much good work looking at us from the shelves….and our need to showcase it and put it up for sale in a separate category prodded us into setting up this WEBSHOP.

A lot of the works featured here have been made for exhibitions because one always makes a lot more for a show than the show can actually accommodate. This is mostly what is on offer here. You will also find several one-offs, ideas that translated into a good initial piece, but did not materialize into a series…. maybe just as well…. because they are better off solo!!!

Please note that the items featured here are one-offs, and no…. they cannot be duplicated into more such, unless…. unless you wish to take a chance with the variations that this may lead to, and we would be happy to discuss this. It may also take some convincing. so good luck! 😉

Like we have a minimum price per order for our production pieces in the CATALOGUE category, we also have a minimum purchase budget here in the webshop of INR 10,000/-, not including 20% packing and couriering, plus 12% GST. If you would like to have items shipped abroad, we could put you in touch with an export agent in Auroville. (terracotta has 0% gst)

You may explore our production items online at www.mandalapottery.com under CATALOGUE.

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